Activist mommy breaks down the Marxist takeover of America

Elizabeth Johnston Activist Mommy: Who Will Rise Up? (Part 2): This message is sooooooo important!! 🔥🔥Have you ever wondered if…

  • The widespread growth of the LGBT movement
  • Erosion of our parental rights
  • Removal of God from our schools
  • Liberal indoctrination at universities
  • The breakdown of the family

… are intentional, planned, premeditated steps meant to destroy the America we know and love? Too far fetched for you? WATCH this video!!

One comment to “Activist mommy breaks down the Marxist takeover of America”
  1. How can anyone have any doubt as to the intent of the Democrat Socialist Party. Virtually every aspect of our American values has been attacked by this Radical move. Look where the Democrat leaders were educated, and by whom. Several of the “Hippie Activist” are now college professors. Some of those that spat on the returning Viet Nam vets are now politicians. Can anyone be surprised at our Government today?

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